What is Proxy Server? 10 Best Free Proxy Sites [Safe To use]

How to Browse Anonymously with Proxy Servers

What is Proxy Server : You may be wondering what proxy servers are, and more importantly, how they can benefit your internet browsing behaviour. Well, think of it this way – every time you browse a specific website, or connect with a user online, your connection with that website or person is linked to your computer address.

Why does this happen? Well, a computer address is required to let the other person contact you back, whether this be via email or a web page. This message goes from them, to your computer and as a result, back to you. This computer address is also known as your public IP address.

All you need to know about IP Addresses

So why do you need an IP address? Well, without one, you would never be able to do any sort of activity online. More importantly – others won’t be able to reach you. IP addresses basically allow you to connect to people and the world online.

So, as we know it, IP addresses become available based on your Internet Service Provider (Verizon, AT&T etc.) and your smart phone also carries IP addresses. The issue comes in when you look at IP addresses that are public, and often, many people are not comfortable with this.


Well your IP address can be tracked down to the street address, and this can often be an issue if you want to keep your internet browsing private.

Your IP address can lead someone to your home address as well as your name, which is not ideal to many people out there.

Your IP address can also be used by specific websites so that you can’t access their content – so essentially these websites block you from their content completely.

But, don’t lose hope yet! There is a way to get around public IP addresses, and one if a proxy server.

What is a proxy service?

The word “proxy” literally means “substitute” and essentially allows you to browse the internet under a diverse IP address identity. In order to use a top proxy server, you don’t need to change your internet service provider. Simply go online and search for “free online proxy” or “top proxies” and your will be able to receive many websites that give you a list of the best proxy services.

What are the benefits of using a proxy server?

A proxy server is the middleman between the website and the web browser. It is designed to pass requests and responses between the sender and receiver, and it also forms part of a massive need for anonymous browsing. Top proxy servers also detour from security controls and have many more benefits, all listed below:

  • Browsing anonymously

One of the most popular benefits of a proxy server is that as a user, you get to browse the internet anonymously. The proxy server essentially hides you from external networks with your network ID being anonymous. This means that your IP address is protected from hackers and spammers.

  • Geo-location protection

Nowadays, there are many websites that use your location to better direct you to a specific landing page that is dedicated to your area or suburb. This of course, has gained much popularity within the web industry, as website owners can narrow down the conversion funnel much easier, when leading people directly to their relevant suburb. With the use of proxy servers, you can now test geolocation features for your website. It would be best to choose a reliable proxy server source that is paid for, to ensure the right testing is happening for your website.

  • High-end performance

Proxy servers are designed to cache specific website pages which essentially provides accurate and efficient delivery of web content. This can reduce the time of accessing site content and documents as the proxy server always looks back in the local cache of previously downloaded documents and matches back to that. This content can be graphic content that is static, like images. This saves time and increases the performance of browsing while decreasing the need for bandwidth, as you find content quicker.

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10 Best Free Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously

if you’re absolutely determined to keep high levels of privacy stable whilst browsing online, take a look at the best free proxy websites below:

Hide.me Proxyhttps://hide.me/en/

This VPN is a speedy free proxy website that has no pop-up ads or windows. It does exactly what its name says – hides your IP address and does it very well too. You can encrypt URLs and choose from a variety of locations to ensure you’re hidden. Such locations can be from within the United States, Germany or Netherlands.


This is a site that will guarantee your speed never slows down, as it is hosted on a gigabit network. This means that you can optimize your browsing by encrypting URLs if you like, or remove scripts and allow cookies to be cached or not. The user experience is also great, with you having a simple functionality available at all times above and below the address bar.


A cute word for a proxy site, however when you visit the site you may not be impressed with the design of the interface. However, this site definitely does the job. Use a simple yet effective address bar and punch in the website that you’d like to visit – and the rest is history.


This site is also used rather simply, where all you have to do is enter your desired domain within the address bar and you’re good to go – with being blocked and having all the necessary online privacy you need for browsing.


This is the ideal tool if you wish to change your IP address quickly and easily. You can also do ping tests and test response times of websites. This is great functionality for website administrators. You can also enjoy doing speed tests for your internet connection with this proxy tool.


This allows you to literally bypass online internet filters and firewalls, giving you the utmost privacy while being connected to the internet.


This is a long-standing proxy website, and has been in the game for over ten years. The interface is free and simple to use for anybody. You can avoid limits and protect your IP address very easily with kProxy.


HMA is a popular VPN and offers simple solutions for your browsing requirements. The address bar allows you to access desired websites without revealing your real IP address. They’re free and offer advanced features too such as SSL certification.


This was known as Proxy.org and has rebranded, however the quality of the IP hiding and anonymous browsing is still very high. Simply enter your desired website domain in a URL bar and hit enter.


This free web proxy site gives you a safe way of surfing the internet. You can choose which IP you wish to use and your current IP is shown until you decide to change it – giving you peace of mind that it is truly being changed.

Huge List of Proxy sites 2020 | 101 Online Proxy Servers

Proxy Name Proxy Url
ProxyFree https://www.proxfree.com/proxy/
ProxyTurbo https://proxyturbo.com
Zend2 https://zend2.com
Fliterbypass https://www.filterbypass.me
Smartdnsproxy https://www.smartdnsproxy.com
Hidester https://hidester.com/proxy/
Turbounblock http://tubeunblock.me
Genmirror https://www.genmirror.com
Dolopo http://www.dolopo.net
atozproxy https://www.atozproxy.com
ProxyUnblocker https://proxyunblocker.org
ublockweb https://unblockweb.co
Nordvpn https://nordvpn.com
Zalmos https://www.zalmos.com
Unblock YT https://www.unblockytproxy.com
Aweb Proxy https://www.awebproxy.com
Mahnor http://www.mahnor.com
idolproxy https://www.idolproxy.com
Proxtube https://proxtube.com
Yellowproxy https://www.yellowproxy.net
Vload http://vload.net
MiniProx http://miniprox.com
hidebuzz http://hidebuzz.us
Fibreproxy http://fiberproxy.net
Xitenow http://xitenow.com

We have covered manually Checked Proxy Servers List ( As on October 14,2017 ) which are working absolutely fine.

If anonymous browsing and safe surfing is what you’re looking for when connected to the internet, a top proxy service is what you need. Remember to always check for proxy sites that offer you what you need, and don’t be afraid to test more than one, ensuring you have the utmost peace of mind when online!

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