PlayBox HD For iOS [iPhone, iPad, MAC, iMAC]

PlayBox HD for iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) Touch devices has been explained here in a stepwise manner with images. It works on all these Apple gadgets which have iOS version 6 and above that. Here I’ve listed three various and very simple phenomenons to download Play Box for iOS, you folks just have a look at all processes and opt out the best one which you like most. Of course, I’ll suggest you the best one among them when I explain those things. For now, I just wanna tell you a few impressive features of Play Box HD application. PlayBox HD For iPad/iPhone/iPod is available here, You can run this less Mb file in your iOS device and enjoy a lot of movies and web-series.

Download PlayBox HD for iOS

PlayBox HD allows you to watch your favorite movies or the shows on whatever the device you have. It may be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or PC also. It can be installed in all platforms with no errs and it has immense content contained in it. On the main Window, there will be two categories called “New” and “Hot”, which includes different sort of movies. The newer versions are coming up with more improved attributes and with the bug fixes. Below you can see the methods to acquire Play Box HD for iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch on any iOS version.

PlayBox HD For iOS

Download PlayBox HD

How to Download PlayBox For iOS?

You can’t use the above method on iOS, because this OS doesn’t support the .apk file. Alternatively, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Log out of your iTunes account

PlayBox will not download if your iTunes account is open. So shut it off before downloading the PlayBox app.

Step 2: Download PlayBox HD app

Open the browser from your phone and type in the following link: Download PlayBox HD for iOS. Once you click on the link, you will see two options, either direct Install or Scan QR code on your phone to install. Clicking on either option will install the app for you.

Step 3: Check the pop up option

Once you click on either option, a pop-up will appear. It will ask to install the app on to your phone. All you have to do is tap on Install.

Once installation is complete, you have to activate the app by sending the developers a mail. Once they confirm your mail i.d, you account will be activated.

Alternative Method: Use vShare app

If the above method proves inadequate, you can also download PlayBox using the vShare app. It is a free app that lets you download a number of other iOS apps for free. Go to the official vShare site to download the app. Here is a link for the site:

Step 1: Start vShare installation

To install vShare on to your phone, you will be shown the trust pop-up. You have to tap on Trust for the installation to begin.

Step 2: Install PlayBox using vShare

Once vShare is downloaded, you can type PlayBox in the vShare homepage search panel. vShare will find the app for you. You just have to click on the download button for the app to automatically download.

Step 3: Install PlayBox

Your iPhone settings will show you the Install dialogue box. Tap on Install and let the process begin.

Once installation is complete, you will be able to stream any number of videos you want. Just go to the app homepage and check the several options available. The PlayBox app streams your videos in HD depending on your display It is smooth, easy to use, and real fun to stream and play.

PlayBox HD For iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Play Box Download

Here are the three processes listed successively, just go through them one by one. Actually in Android, we use Playbox apk but here it’ll differ. Each one will be different, just chose your best liked one.

Download Play Box – 1st Method

  • Firstly, fetch PlayBox app from here –
  • Later that, install it as usually.
  • The app will ask for an Apple ID Password.
  • In username field, enter
  • Whereas in Password, please type playboxHD4
  • That’s it, this is one method.

2nd Method to get Play Box App

  • This one may be known to you, foremost get Play Box IPA file.
  • Put your device date to Jan 1, 2015.
  • Now install it and tap on trust button when you see that “Untrusted App Developer” window.
  • Afterwards this, you can view the movies on it.

Final Way to Get PlayBox

  • First off, bring vShare freeware to your iOS.
  • Download the unjailbroken vShare software and install it.
  • After installing it, you’ll see a window asking whether to trust this app or not.
  • Just click on the Trust option.
  • In vShare search bar, type PlayBox HD and install it.

These are the ways to install Play Box, hope you have got the app without any issues. Downloading Play Box HD for iPad or iPhone is possible with the above said processes. Please leave a comment, if you’ve any trouble regarding this installation. Share this article in your Social Networks with your colleagues and friends.

PlayBox HD For MAC

Are you struggling to get PlayBox HD for Mac? Then you are not going anywhere, you are at the correct place to install PlayBox HD on MacBook Air, Pro, Mini & on  any Mac desktop. It was little time consuming for me to prepare this article for you as I should check PlayBox HD performance on Mac by using many android emulators.

After the huge research and trials, I have found a perfect solution to watch PlayBox HD movies on Mac for free. This app is globally recognized by so many pBeople. Movie apps are now dominating android market withPlayBox HD app in hands.

Install PlayBox HD App For Mac using Andyroid Emulator

We can only run android apps on a Mac with a android emulator already installed in it. Downloading & installing Emulator takes less than 2 minutes. So I’m going to give you a direct link to find the source to download emulator. There are so many emulators are available in the market but I’m choosing Andyroid. This one gives best compatibility with Mac. Here is the Download link from official site –Download Andyroid emulator

Once you download and installed that andyroid emulator. You have to download this PlayBox apk. You will get the gateway below

PlayBox HD apk Download

Install PlayBox HD Apk on Mac using Andyroid

1) Open Andyroid software on your Mac

2) Now go to file location where you have downloaded that Playbox hd apk.

3) Install PlayBox HD.Apk with Andyroid emulator (sometimes double click on apk works directly/right click on Apk file & choose andyroid option)

4) Wait until this apk file get installed itself on emulator.

5) Now open andyroid & Click on the PlayBox HD icon.

6) There you see lot of movies waiting to stream on your Mac

Procedure is competed to install PlayBox HD app on your Mac device. There are other procedures also available in the web. If you are not able to install this app with Andyroid, please search “PlayBox HD for Mac using Genymotion“. Someone wrote a good article on that procedure. Ultimately you should be able to use Playbox HD on your Mac.

That was the post from my side to educate you on installing stpes on your mac book. It was taking lot efforts for me. I was completely gone insane to find this procedure. If this works fine for you, do share this article with your friends on communication media like Facebook, twitter, Google+ &

Please do leave your comments to solve your problems with this post. I will help you definitely but it takes sometime. Mostly I will respond within few hours. Do you have another procedure to get this android app to your macBook then share that procedure below. Thanks for reading my post with patience. Have a great & joy filled time with  PlayBox HD app.

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