iOS Emulator To Run iOS Apps On Android Device

iOS Emulator To Run iOS Apps On Android: iOS operating system was developed by Apple and Android operating system was developed by Goolge. iOS is stable, and not every person gets into that ecosystem. You must need iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac to experience iOS features. Unfortunately, not every person could bear the cost of an Apple device because of its stunning price. Android apps are available only on the Google Play Store, and the iOS-based apps can be accessed from the Apple’s App Store. Some apps can be run on both platforms. But, there are some cross-platform restrictions for iOS apps that are not available on Android and vice-versa.

It is apparent to wonder why certain apps are exclusive for iOS platform like Podcast, iMessages, iTunes, FaceTime, iCloud, etc., you might be asking why it would be possible to find an app made for iOS, but that is not available for Android devices. If you have an Android phone, but you like to use Apple apps and user interface then not to worry, you could undoubtedly run Apple iPhone apps on Android device. With the help of suitable iOS emulator for android, you could able to get any Apple iOS applications on Android without rooting your android device. This iOS emulators looks real while using the apps and delivers the same experience.

iOS Emulator To Run iOS Apps On Android

IOS and Android are top competitors in Mobile Operating Systems, and it has become a profitable and advantageous business especially for the users of Android. Both Apple and Google companies are improving their Operating Systems in order to be Most Used OS in the world. As of now Android is more popular due to the fact that their phones are way cheaper then iPhones. iOS is the mobile operating system, nothing denying. But Android is way better than iOS regarding Apps availability and customization. Android wins the competition over Windows and iOS by a huge margin. In addition to enjoying endless free applications, you can also add the surplus amount of fun by running the iOS emulator on Android device to bring immense flexibility of the Android platform.

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To run IOS Emulator on android device, it requires more storage space for faster interface experience, its android version should be 2.3 or higher and it should have at least 512 MB RAM for better performance.

Features of iOS Emulators for Android

  1. iOS emulators are available for free of cost to use on all your Android devices
  2. Allows you to access the iOS application on Andriod as same as Apple device does.
  3. It gives iOS user interface experience on your Android device.
  4. Tried and tested for various applications and it works well.

How to Download install iOS Emulator for Android?

The majority of the Android iOS emulator tools have specific guidelines on on the most proficient method to utilize them so that the procedure may vary depending on the app. The best option is always to analyze them on a test premise or even look for remarks by existing customers, and that will give you a general understanding of both the advantages and disadvantages of the applications.

With the progressions in innovation there are numerous applications coming step by step and it has been conceivable to run one operating system applications on other operating system. These applications are called Emulators and these are accessible for man platforms. There are three best iOS emulators, iEMU , Cider APK and Appetize IO which open a gateway to get your favorite Apple app on Android device.

  1. iEMU APK

iEMU APK is one of the Best iOS Emulator Android which doesn’t require more space while installing on android. It is very simple to install and easy to use iOS application and games on the Android phone. It works parallel to any iPhone. This was tested and developed by the eminent Android specialist, and you might not face any intriguing for any things.

  1. First, you need to download the iEMU application APK file on your computer.
  2. After downloading Apk file, move that file to your Android device and install it
  1. If you want install any app on your Android device without using Google play store then you need to give the permission to install from Settings >> Security >> Enable the App installation from “Unknown Source”.
  1. It will take almost 61MB size in your application storage.
  2. After installation, you will see the application in app list with the name as “padiod”.
  3. Then open padiod app and start using your favorite iOS apps on your Android device.
  4. Padiod emulator will support only “.ipas” and “.zip” files

2 Cider APK

Cider APK is one of the best iOS emulators for Android which was designed and developed by the students of Computer Science department from Columbia University. The app is free and very simple to use for any Android user. Make sure your device has enough app storage space before downloading Cider APK.

  1. First, you need to download the Cider application APK file on your computer.
  2. After downloading Apk file, move that file to your Android device and install it
  1. If you want install any app on your Android device without using Google play store then you need to give the permission to install from Settings >> Security >> Enable the App installation from “Unknown Source”.
  2. Then install the APK on your Android device to run the iOS application successfully.

3 Appetize IO

Appetize IO is iOS(iPad, iMac) emulator and also works as Android simulator. When you wish to run apps for a particular time then you can use this iOS emulator.

  1. To use this IOS emulator for Android, First open any browser.
  2. And then search for Appetize IO and click on Appetize official site.
  3. On the home page of Appetize, you will see an iPhone image.
  4. Click “Tap To Play” button. Then it will start running IOS emulator on your Android phone.

Once the emulator installation completes, you can enjoy the unlimited range of applications. If any app is available on both Play store and App store and runs differently on each device, you prefer using it on the iOS rather than Android, then you can use the iOS Emulator and run it on Android device.

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