How to Use Tinder Without Facebook ? How to Upload Photos to Tinder ?

Do You want to Know How to Use Tinder Without Facebook ?: Tinder is a social media application designed for people who love to make friends online through communication. It is a place where people share their mutual interests with each other. The app is commonly designated as a dating app due to the features it offers to its users. Users who have similar interests can share their thoughts and take a step further in relation via this Tinder app. The match making is done through popular social medial app Facebook and Spotify. The app got rolled out in 2012 and has a record of one billion swipes per day. It is also the first swiping app that uses swiping motion to choose a photo or to skip the photo. The right motion means liking the photo while the left motion means disliking it.

The chatting between two users can happen only when both the users mutually swipe right on seeing the profile of each other. It means that they are interested to take a further step. At present, Tinder is registering about 1.6 million swipes every day. The Tinder app is available in approximately 190 countries. There are many other popular dating apps in the market other than Tinder, but it has got its unique place; all thanks to its eye grabbing features.

What is Tinder?

Online dating has become quite popular over time. Most of the people these days are depending on online dating sites to connect with their soulmates. There is no need to find your girl or guy through common friends or by visiting bars or so anymore. Tinder will do all the help you want to find your Mr. Destiny or Ms. Destiny. Just put up your profile along with your pictures on social platform to get connected to the people you like. The app showcases selifes from different profiles and you can simply swipe left or right as per your interest and liking. You can mutually exchange messages on liking the profile or selfie of the other person.

The Tinder app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a free app to download and is available in respective app stores for download. However, there will be some features that charge you on usage. As the app is all about selecting or rejecting profiles, having Facebook account is must. Though you need to login with Facebook to use Tinder, it won’t post any stuff onto your FB page regarding the profiles who have rejected or accepted. Finally, you have to grant access to your device for the Tinder app.

How to start using Tinder?

  • To start using Tinder, first you need to create a profile for yourself. To do that, tap on the Profile icon on the top of the screen.
  • Click on the pencil like button saying Profile and upload your profile pic. You can add multiple pictures to your profile. The app has a Smart Photos feature that will help you choose best pictures out of your collection.
  • You also need to add details about yourself like name, work, schooling etc.

This creates complete profile of yourself in Tinder app. You can simply launch the app on your Android or iOS device and search for matching profiles. By using the swipe feature, you can either swipe right or left and go further. The application is pretty simple to use and even a newbie can operate on it easily. Users can find matching profiles in the app and also start chatting with if the other person also responded positively.

Features of Tinder

  • The swipe feature in Tinder is the first one we need to talk about. Using this feature you can reject or like a person or group of people. You can just swipe left to reject and right to accept or like.
  • The super likes feature will let you say that you really like people with Super Likes. They are limited in edition and need to wait to get them. To use them instantly, you can upgrade to Tinder Plus, which imposes charges.
  • The boost feature will highlight your profile in your area for 30 minutes so that you can receive more likes or matches.
  • Swipe with friends feature will help you find new friends within the app.
  • There is also chatting feature available in Tinder app. On swiping right mutually between individual or group, user can start exchanging messages and GIFs.

Is it Possible to Use Tinder Without Facebook Login?

Facebook has literally become the face of the user on most of the social media platforms. Not everyone wants to link their Facebook to other social platforms due to various reasons. While creating Tinder account, user will be asked to connect with Facebook first. That itself shows how much both the social platforms are interrelated with each other. Tinder uses all the info listed out in the Facebook account of the user to create a profile for Tinder. User need not re-enter the details and upload pictures all again like that did with Facebook, as Tinder fetches them all from the app.

Not all users are ok with the fact that they need to link Facebook account to make use of Tinder. There are many reasons for not liking of idea of linking Facebook account with Tinder like privacy issues, not so social worm, professional issues etc. Now, coming to the point, it is not possible to use Tinder without Facebook login. Technically, it is not possible to use Tinder without Facebook account; however one can use Tinder without linking it with Facebook by following certain ways. There are certain ways that can help you maintain good distance from your Facebook account to use Tinder. Yes! You heard it right! You can absolutely use Tinder without Facebook account by following certain rules. Before getting starting on knowing the different ways to use Tinder app without Facebook, let us first know why Tinder is linked with Facebook first.

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Why Tinder is linked with Facebook?

  • If you are asked to link Facebook while creating Tinder, most of the people won’t opt for the option to create a fake account. This will create only real and trustworthy accounts of the people in Tinder app.
  • The sign up process is pretty simple as it does not ask the user to enter the details and instead will fetch them right from the linked Facebook account.
  • The app will access your contacts on your permission and will match the people accordingly which will help you find familiarity in the people it listed out for matching.

How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Different ways to use Tinder without Facebook

As we said earlier, there are different ways to use Tinder without Facebook. You can make use of the Tinder app without linking it with Facebook. Here are some effective methods to use Tinder without Facebook login. Read on to find the methods.

  1. Enhance Facebook Privacy

The first method to use Tinder without Facebook involves increasing the privacy of your Facebook. To do that, you need to change the priorities of Tinder app in your Facebook account. You can do that by limiting the Tinder app’s access to your FB account.

Here is how you do that:

  • Go to the Facebook official page.
  • Click on the Lock Icon and go to See More Settings.
  • Go to Apps on the left panel and search for the Tinder App and click on it.
  • Click on the lock button under Tinder app and change it to Only Me

This way, Tinder will not be able to post anything on your FB page and also your friends won’t be able to receive any notifications regarding your association with Tinder app. This is one of the easiest ways to use Tinder without Facebook.

  • Create new Facebook Account

You can also use Tinder without linking it with Facebook account, by creating a new Facebook account other than the current one you are using. The new FB account should be exclusively used for Tinder. For that:

  • Create new Email ID
  • Visit Facebook official page
  • Create new Facebook account with new email id

After creating new Facebook account, you have to make few changes in the Tinder app.

  • Open Tinder app and go to Settings symbol.
  • Go to App Settings
  • Click on Logout and then login to new Facebook account.
  • Now go to Tinder and click on Login with Facebook
  • This will associate your Tinder account with your newly created FB account.

Change the Tinder App settings

In the above two methods we have discussed, privacy was concerned and also a new Facebook account was created. The above two methods may not completely keep you away from Facebook while using Tinder, but this method can help you to a great extent to keep Facebook away from Tinder. This method uses settings in Tinder app itself. Take a look!

  • Launch Tinder app and go to Settings.
  • Find ‘Show Me On Tinder Social’ and untick the option to stay away from Facebook.

Can I Upload Photos on Tinder without Facebook?

As Tinder is officially linked with Facebook, it imports pictures from FB page, but not all the users like to upload the Facebook photos to Tinder. Tinder has introduced the facility to upload pictures other than those from Facebook. Users can now directly upload pictures to Tinder app from their phone’s camera. The facility was first made available for iOS devices and later was introduced to Android. The main intention of Tinder app to link Facebook to the app is to maintain authenticity among the users and to avoid fake accounts.

  • Login to your FB account
  • Create an album for your Tinder account and go to Settings>Privacy>Only me.
  • You can use the pictures from the album in Tinder app.
  • Now login to Tinder and you will find the pictures.

This is the only and best way to upload photos on Tinder without Facebook. In short, there is no exact way to upload photos to Tinder without the involvement of Facebook. All we can do is just hide the pictures that we are going to share on Tinder from getting public through our Facebook account. Tinder also has introduced GIFs, which have become quite popular lately. The message feature of Tinder app has been greatly upgraded as well. Users can now search for GIFs and also make use of hundreds of emojis. Users can also hit like to individual messages. Tinder app functions along with Giphy which is a best search engine to search GIFs.

Is it Possible to Search Tinder Without creating account?

Tinder is all about sharing ones common interests with the other person who have similar attributes as that of the first one. As said, it is a dating application that connects people from different sections of the world through profile liking. The modern matchmaking app is one of the highly used applications by the youth these days. It has so many interesting features and the main feature is that it lays a dating platform for those who choose to find their soulmates online. If you want to know it is possible to search Tinder without creating Tinder account, then we would undoubtedly say that it is not. It is not at all possible to use Tinder without having a verified account.

Tinder maintains high profile authenticity and the profiles shared are mostly verified. So, there is no way for the user to access the tinder profiles without tinder account. User must and should create tinder account to access the tinder profiles. The search engine also does not work without logging in into Tinder account. So, if you have to search for a matching profile in Tinder, make sure to create an account first.

This is all about Tinder application. If you want to start dating, then Tinder always welcomes you. Find your partner online by joining Tinder.

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