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How to Choose a Virtual Data Room Effectively?

For secure exchange, virtual data rooms make it possible to differentiate rights and access to documents within the system, create a clear structure and establish a convenient exchange and work with files both within the organization and when interacting with counterparties.

Virtual Data Room as an Effective Solution for Your Business

There is a solution, the developers of which went even further to protect information from unscrupulous employees working with documents. The virtual data room is a state-of-the-art document leakage control system based on a patented marking algorithm. It allows you to automatically create new copies in the process of working with a document.

Among the main advantages of the virtual data rooms is the creation of an integrated protection mechanism, to which the information displayed on the screen and paper documents, traditionally not protected in any way from unauthorized transfer to third parties, are also connected. Thus, the knowledge that the culprit will be found in any case perfectly protects sensitive information from “leaks”.

Effectiveness is one of the key factors when choosing a platform. These include features that can make life easier for users:

  • distribution of files into folders and quick access to them;
  • creating and editing files directly in the cloud storage. Looking ahead, I will say that not all services provide such an opportunity;
  • access control and file-sharing;
  • viewing the history of file changes and such an elementary thing as a basket. This will help save a lot of time and nerves when working in the service;
  • the mobile version of the system with fast synchronization and others.

The Main Advantage of Effective Data Storage Is that Data is Almost Impossible to Lose

Another form of protection based on the latest technology is invisible markings. Here, in contrast to the previously mentioned options, a different approach is used. Changes occur at the level of the text but remain unrecognizable to the naked eye. Due to the offsets that occur in the document, each copy is personalized. Thus, in the event of a leak, it will be easy to determine who exactly is the source of the leak.

If you compare the effective data room with other storage devices – hard drives, flashcards, or NAS, then it wins in terms of ease of access to information. It can be obtained from any place where the Internet is available, and files cannot be lost in the event of a loss or breakdown of a physical medium. At the same time, there is no need to carry any device with you or worry about compatibility (for example, a regular hard drive cannot be connected to a smartphone without additional accessories).

Effective virtual data room collects and processes the following Personal Data, including, where applicable: your name; your employer, position; your contact details, including your company address, email address and telephone number; your status as a director of the company; your status as a beneficiary of the company; financial information, including information necessary to make or receive payments from you and to prevent fraud; information about your visits to data room services and your correspondence, communications and relations with our employees; the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet; the date and time when you access the website; publicly available information; any information that is provided to us by you or on your behalf.