Building a Secure Business Ecosystem with Data Encryption and Secure File Sharing

Building a Secure Business Ecosystem with Data Encryption and Secure File Sharing

In the market of information technologies, leading positions are traditionally held by document security programs that meet the requirements of users regarding the formation of various types of security needs. Let’s find out how to build a secure business ecosystem in the article below!

The best way to avoid problems in building a secure business ecosystem

The global data security software market is considered to be one of the fastest growing, which is why the market is attractive. In addition, it does not have any standardization or certification restrictions, making market entry very easy. The main factors of competitiveness are the preservation of private information of users and files directly separated on the company’s servers; the preservation of data is controlled not only by a mobile application that can be replaced and compromised but also by a server component that regulates security policies and manages the transfer and storage of files on the server side.

Problems that can arise while building a secure business ecosystem are the following:

  • staff conservatism, lack of education in the field of information technology, reluctance to study and improve qualifications, fear of transparency of one’s own activities for the management, which arises as a result of the implementation of the electronic document management system;
  • lagging behind normative and methodological support for work with electronic documents from information technology;
  • the variety of software tools used to automate document flow.

To reduce the data encryption and secure file sharing risks, the data exchange system must meet the following criteria:

  • separation of data storage (files) from data storage about users;
  • static encryption of user data;
  • storage of file metadata separately from the files themselves;
  • end-to-end encryption;
  • disclosure of information about the ownership structure, including ultimate beneficial owners and possible approaches;
  • lack of direct access to data storage.

The secure and efficient virtual data rooms allow parties to quickly and easily access, share and view critical business documents in real-time, facilitating collaboration and maintaining top-notch security measures. Not only do data rooms make these complex transactions less intimidating, but they also ensure maximum privacy.

The most reliable software for data encryption and secure file sharing

A clinked virtual data room will help you to build a secure business ecosystem with data encryption and secure file sharing because of the following features:

  1. Automation of Routine Processes.

Its integration allows you to automate many routine tasks, such as document processing, signing, sending and saving. This frees up your resources for more important things and improves efficiency.

  1. Speed and Accuracy.

Clinked allows data to be transferred between systems instantly and without errors, which contributes to increasing the accuracy and speed of information processing.

  1. Reduction of Risks and Errors.

Automatic processing of data through the VDR minimizes human intervention, thereby reducing the risk of errors and accidental misunderstandings.

  1. Flexibility and Expanding Functionality.

Such integration allows you to connect various systems and services to provide a comprehensive solution for business, as well as to quickly change and expand functionality. In Clinked, files are also encrypted using the AES-256 encryption protocol during data transfer (download, sync) and for cloud storage.