Best VPN Apps For Android | Best Android VPN Software 2020

Best VPN Apps For Android : Let us deal first with the questions that might be coming in your mind. Below I list out the most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Q1. What is VPN?

Q2. Why is it so necessary?

Q3. What makes a reliable VPN?

What is VPN & Why It Is Necessary?

  • You are so happy when you visit your favorite coffee shop or a shopping mall and you find free Wi-Fi connection available. Well! I can understand your happiness; even I get happy too. Missing in this whole scenario is that you are almost unaware of the hidden dangers in a public Wi-Fi connection.
  • You are not sure whether anybody is watching your private data or not. In fact, we never usually think of this. It is highly possible and even happened, that some people set up a malicious network to capture your private information through your keystrokes itself.
  • So we don’t know whether a network to which we are connecting is safe or not. Now here comes the Virtual Private Network abbreviated as VPN.
  • A VPN sends your data through an encrypted channel to a VPN Server which could be either very near to you or in a faraway location; maybe even on different continents. So if anyone is monitoring your traffic they will just see garbage.
  • Also since you are viewing the web through VPN whose location could be anywhere in this huge world; malicious elements see the IP Address of the VPN and not your very own IP Address.
  • As already explained above VPN is absolutely necessary to protect your private data and your location from bad network elements who are hungry for your confidential information.
  • Confidential information can range from email passwords, social media accounts to even internet banking and credit card details. Now that’s a lot of highly confidential data that we don’t even share with those whom we trust.

What is a Reliable VPN?

  • Several characteristics are there which make up a good VPN.
  • Though connecting to the web through a VPN definitely makes your speed slow but I don’t consider speed as an important factor in considering a good VPN.
  • A good VPN must have several servers in several different locations so that whenever you are traveling you can easily find a nearby VPN Server. More near the server to you better will be your browsing experience.
  • VPN Service Providers should never keep logs for your traffic. If they do keep then it is not a good sign for you.
  • Do check whether you are able to connect all your devices to the VPN Service before going ahead with it.
  • Some VPNs are too expensive and they offer nothing special along with them. There are free versions too. So you need to be wise enough to choose an optimum price VPN (if you are going to take a paid VPN) which offers what you desire.

Now all of you must have become familiar with the term Virtual Private Network. Today we are going to tell you about 10 Best VPN Apps (Free & Paid Versions) for your Android Device.

This list includes both the best free unlimited VPN for Android and even paid ones. We are sure you will definitely find the Android VPN app which suits you. So let us start:

Best VPN Apps For Android

  1. Hideman VPN

  • This is one of the best mobile VPN for Android. It includes both free as well as paid version.
  • The free version includes a bandwidth of 2 GB.
  • However, the premium version has no bandwidth restriction and has more servers than the free one.
  • They don’t keep logs for paid users; however for free ones they delete the logs after every 14 days. It is still a good option as you are not paying anything for it.
  • A great feature about this service is that it uses a 256-bit encryption key for security.
  • The paid version plans are as low as $2.07 per month for mobiles.
  • You can easily get this android VPN app from Google Play Store.
  1. Flash VPN

  • This is a completely free VPN Proxy Service.
  • VPN Servers are in multiple locations in United States, England, and Japan.
  • This application works pretty fast and there is no connection time limitation with this.
  • You can easily get this one of the best free unlimited VPN for Android from Google Play Store.
  1. Express VPN

  • Express VPN boasts of a 24/7 great customer support and provides 145+ connections in about 94 countries.
  • The service provider has a strict no log policy.
  • With 100 of VPN locations across all the continents, it is the fastest and one of the best Android VPN app.
  • You can download this one from Google Play Store. Its trial version lasts for 7 days thereafter you are required to spend some good bucks as it starts from $12.95.
  1. Hidemyass VPN

  • HMA boasts of more VPN servers in more countries than anybody else.
  • On this Android VPN app, you can use up to 5 devices at a time.
  • 24/7 Customer Support is an added benefit.
  • After a 7 day free trial you can choose from a 1 month or 6 or 12 months plan.
  • You can even save any VPN Server if it gives you a better performance in My Favorite Servers section so that when you next connect you are not required to find it again.
  • Get it from Google Play Store.
  1. Finch Free VPN

  • This application is a good option for those who want something in the middle of poor and great VPNs (but expensive).
  • It is an open VPN with ports selection.
  • Also, it has a feature that bypasses the firewalls that block VPN services.
  • The free version gives you 3 GB.
  • The pro version with $1.61 per month gives you 25 GB.
  • Premium version with $3.21 per month makes you unlimited.
  • Also, they have a no-log policy.
  • Again you can get this one of the best mobile VPN for Android from your very own Google Play Store.

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  • This application boasts about 70+ global server locations with 700+ servers and 200,000+ IPs.
  • This app also has a Chameleon 256-bit encryption which claims that it stops even deep packets inspection.
  • With a free account, you get 1 GB of data with simultaneous 2 connections.
  • However, you can upgrade to unlimited with under $12 a month.
  • If you want to try this Android VPN app then get it from Google Play Store.
  1. Rocket VPN

  • The best thing about Rocket VPN is that it provides us 250 MB of data that cycles every month i.e. gets renewed every month in its free version.
  • You can upgrade to unlimited though.
  • There is also a Rocket Browser included with this so that you can browse the internet straight from inside the Android VPN app.
  1. Speedify VPN

  • The best thing about Speedify is that its channel-bonding technology splits your internet traffic across both mobile data and Wi-Fi connection which enables a much faster connection.
  • You can connect or disconnect straight from the widget that is provided along with.
  • With its free version, you will get first 1 GB data free every month.
  • When you upgrade to unlimited you can connect up to 5 devices at once to this application.
  • Also when you are connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi this app reminds you of switching itself on in case you haven’t.
  • Another best thing about Speedify is that doesn’t keep any logs.
  • All these amazing features truly give Speedify a position amongst best mobile VPN for Android.
  • Again straight away head to Google Play Store to get this application.
  1. Opera Free VPN

  • This application is another best free unlimited VPN for Android.
  • It is a basic VPN Service which includes ad blocker & 5 server locations.
  • Also, it has the ability to tell you about the security level of the Wi-Fi with which you are connecting.
  • If you just check your social media accounts at an Airport or a lounge this will work best for you with no charges at all.
  • Get it from Play Store.
  1. Pure VPN

  • With 750+ servers across 180+ cities, it is a fast VPN. Even in countries where censorship exists this VPN works, it offers Multi-Ports integration.
  • When you install this VPN from the Play Store you will straight away get:
    • 2 GB Bandwidth
    • Multi-port feature
    • 24/7 Customer Support Service
    • Hack proof security on public connections
    • 100% anonymous and safe downloading
    • Internet kill switch which stops all internet activities if the VPN connection drops.
  • However, this VPN definitely has an issue in performance and a not so user-friendly design but it provides good features and you can get unlimited access after spending a little over $2 per month.

Download All The Apps From Google Play Store Click Here

So, folks, these were the Top 10 Best Android VPN Apps for your Android Device/ Best VPN Apps For Android. Just get the one which suits your requirements and become anonymous on the internet.

Have any questions to ask? Feel free to put them down in the comments section and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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