Best Battery Saving Apps to Boost Android Phones Battery Life 2020[Latest]

Best Battery Saving Apps : Now-a-days smartphones are significantly getting more advanced. It seems like battery life is one of the major area where the improvement is not so good or so frequent. It means for many users daily battery usage remains a big issue. I have never observed a person who is so satisfied with the battery backup of his android Smartphone. Although these Smartphone has such a large number of extraordinary features they generally stay on drawback in battery backup area. If you have decreased brightness of the screen, disabled unwanted apps and turned off everything you don’t need even then you need not squeeze more power out of your smartphone’s battery. We generally appreciate the battery backup of basic mobile phones because these basic mobile phones have an extremely limited number of features so they can easily give 2-3 days battery backup. In smartphones, there are many features like apps for every task, bigger screen, GPS, high-speed CPU, high-speed internet, playing games and many more.

Best Battery Saving Apps

Mobile Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube are highly utilized by mobile users. Also, we are highly addicted to mobile games. There are numerous free mobile games available in Google play store that nobody can oppose to play. Now watching videos & movies on your android phone has become quite a common thing. By using smartphone, we can easily do most of the task that we do on our computer. We are using our smartphone more and more, which in result consumes more and more battery. It is the main cause of battery drain on android smartphones. Many of us blame mobile manufacturer that they made battery with lower capacity. Yes, I agree that battery capacity plays a major role in battery backup, but we should know how to expand the battery backup of our android smartphone.

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Appropriate battery management in our smartphone is the main way to get most out of the battery. There are various applications which work to enhance the level of battery life which you are getting currently. You can use battery monitoring and power saving apps, which will let you check the charge state of your phone and optimize device settings to reduce power usage. Here, I discussed some of the best currently available battery saver apps for Android.

Battery Life Saver Apps for Android 2017 Free Download


Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor is a free and feature-packed battery monitor and energy saving tool for mobile devices. It enables clients to quickly look into battery charge status and in addition, find what applications and procedures are draining battery life. You can quickly toggle power-hogging settings from inside the application and its widgets like brightness, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data. A very helpful feature in battery Doctor is the ability to define power saving profiles and consequently schedule them, so that you can set the phone to switch to airplane mode when you’re in class or sleeping.

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DU Battery Saver – Power Saver

DU Battery Saver is a very popular app among Android users and has nearly five million five-star reviews on Google Play. So if you would like an app which has been tried and tested by a genuinely sizable number of clients, at that point this may be the one to go for. And in addition they are various tweaks to improve battery like one-click system optimization, a selection of pre-set battery saving modes plus the ability to make your own, full details of what your battery and phone are doing, and battery upgrades of up to 50 percent.

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Greenify is an app that requires no prologue to some Android device owners. While it was originally just for rooted devices, yet now it is accessible to anybody. It’s all about finding and closing down applications you don’t require by placing them into hibernation mode. The applications would not be killed, but they’ll snooze until the point that you particularly make a request to utilize them once more. All things considered, this is one which can be utilized by the two rooters and non-rooters alike. Greenify offers a decent level of tweaking and even comes with some advanced features which look to further take advantage of Android’s own Doze feature.

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Avast Battery Saver

Avast is already a popular option for many people who want to regulate and control various aspects of their smartphone. It has been extending its mobile application offerings, and now incorporating its own Avast Battery Saver to give simple power-saving optimizations. The app has features like background task killer, five configurable power consumption profiles, an app viewer, and notifications suggesting changes in profile. A flawless touch is that each power profile accompanies with optional auto-triggers like connecting to particular Wi-Fi networks for Work or Home profiles, time of day for Night mode, or power level for Emergency power saving mode. It features a great deal of advertisements for Avast applications and others.

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Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Battery Guru is an easy-to-use smart battery preservation application for clients that need something less distant. It spends the initial seven days after installation quietly checking how you use your smartphone, taking note of which applications you utilize, how much battery control they eat up, and when and where you get Wi-Fi or network access. At the point when this is done, the app then intelligently alters your phone settings based on your habits like automatically turning off your Wi-Fi radio to conserve battery, or managing when and how frequently apps refresh to minimize background activity.

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GO Battery Saver and Power Widget

GO Battery Saver and Power Widget accompany a cluster of battery-saving tools and in addition supportive widgets. The application gives detailed information about battery charge as well as charge time estimates, a smart charging mode and an app power usage view. The power saving modes accompany convenient presets for a variety of usage profiles, and also have a customizable Smart settings mode that can respond to how you’re using the phone at the moment. The widgets can display basic or detailed battery stats, and also displays quick toggles between power saving modes and system settings that can save power.

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So these are few of the best battery saver applications for android. In the event that your smartphone’s battery is draining very quick pointlessly then it is exceptionally prescribed to introduce one of these applications to your android device. You will surely experience some significant boost in battery backup on your smartphone.

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