10 Best Free Android Emulators for PC [LATEST]

10 Best Free Android Emulators for PC: Today, there are more interesting apps available for laptops or PC. Due to increased technology, many of the users are like to install various apps on their PC. Android emulator is one of the software that will be installed in your laptop. These support your pc to install any android software. It helps play apps in your system in full screen and also accessed in different development purposes. Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 is the good option for playing games as well that includes rooting. Different reasons are there to download an android emulator for your PC. Here top ten android emulators are described in the following content.

Top Free Android Emulators for Windows 10 PC

  1. Nox App Player

The NOx app is one of the best android app player for pc. It provides a powerful experience to the user and you can specify some specifications like a size of RAM, processor type that is used in the emulator. The app is available in free of cost online. You can download it on your Google play store and offer the good capacity to swipe right direction. It acts an effective tool if you playing a complex game on your computer. Moreover Nox Android Emulator is suitable for windows 10 pc,windows 8 pc etc.

You can do multitasking from the app on your PC or laptop. It provides an enough resource and increases possibilities of the operating system. If you like to install it on your device, then you can launch by using apps or Google play store. The emulation helps to make your location be fake to others. It also offers good controller support while playing games.

Download Link : Click here

  1. Bluestacks

Do you want to install the android emulator for your Pc? It is the great option to you. Bluestacks app is running in Kit Kat version that offers perfect streaming for users. The app gives various features for any commercial usage. It allows you to get a complete package for your desktop computer. This emulator is most popular for windows operating systems. Fortunately, you get seamless integration for computer accessories such as mouse, web camera, keyboard, track pad and more.

The user installs the Bluestacks app on their device with simple clicks. Unlike other android emulator, with Bluestack installer you may also watch any videos from Netflix or YouTube. If you are accessing windows operating system in your computer, install it now and get more features from it. The app takes less memory space and you can open more apps with full screen. If you install this app on your device you can operate all applications of android without visual desktop application. You can install it easily by using apk files.

Official Link : Click here

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  1. Remix OS Player

This app is a default operating system which available in Google play store. Remix Os offer new layout for users and allow you to access easily on your PC or laptop. The app has a double booting capability that gives excellent support for install in your desktop. For installing an app on your computer, you have to follow guidance given on some online websites. Remix app gives good support for mouse and keyboard while playing games. It is user-friendly software and gives essential productivity.

In addition, it is similar to marshmallow version of an android operating system. You can play clash of clan’s game, chat with your friends which not make any lagging issues to a system. Also, the app helps to increase performance of the system. You can open different games simultaneously on the computer or PC. It has bug free and helps you to know more shortcuts for playing games.

Remix OS official site : Click here

  1. MEmu

MEmu will support various configuration of hardware on your PC without any compatible risks. The app offers an excellent support to the users of playing games. It is the best Android Emulator for windows 8 operating system. This app supports AMD and Intel processor system and also integrated graphics to play more games. By using the emulator application you can play popular game on your PC. It gives multiple features to the user to perform different tasks at same time.

When compared to others app it is the best app that offers drag and drop option to install in the device. You can share bunch of files quickly to windows and Android operating system. Of course, the app offers excellent sound effects for more famous games. So, choose Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 and sort various tasking in the emulator.

Official Site for Memuplay : Click here

  1. Andyroid

Andyroid app provides ideal features and helps to control games if you using your mobile phones. The app is also called as Andy OS. Besides, the app is available for Mac and windows operating system. It acts as default OS and customizes anything in your device easily. From the app, you get pretty response and access any communication application such as IMO, hangouts, and more. You may use the app without any wireless or wired controller. It gives the best performance than other apps.

With the help of the app, you can play game in large screen. By using the app you do not face any system slow down or compatibility risks. Now, it exists online for free and helps to deal with different tasks. You can get complete solution from the software. You can use more intuitive tools and headroom from the application.

Download App : Click here

  1. YouWave

The app is suitable for all kind of Windows operating system. While using the app you do not face any issues in your computer or laptop. YouWave apps available in two versions for windows Os like premium and free version. It supports a huge number of app and offers high-speed performance to your computer. This app is not suitable for the high-end configuration of device because of its process on Android ICS. YouWave emulator is only suitable for Windows OS devices. Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 gives good option for people who are looking to emulate android app with basic software. Today, many of the users are operating this application in their computer or laptop. If you like to run android emulator free of cost then choose the app.

Youwave Android Emulator : Click here

  1. KoPlayer

You get an adaptable resolution from the KoPlayer app. It supports both wired and wireless mouse, keyboard and track pads. It is a new Android emulator which mainly focuses on productivity for game. Android Emulators for windows 8 help you to play game friendly in your laptop or PC. It has the ability to record and stream directly from the emulator. Additionally, you can watch videos from most popular websites.

If you want to install it on your device, you must have good graphics and RAM memory. You can also create fake GPS location by this app. It does not offer any issues on hardware configurations. In order to avoid some issues in uploading games, the app helps to upload anything in the game at any time without any risks. It is compatible one for Intel and AMD processor. Meanwhile, you may also find some emulators better than Ko Player.

Official Link : Click here

  1. GenyMotion

There are lots of apps available in present life, but genymotion offers good features to the user. The app helps you to make automated testing of Java API. By changing name of device, MEID, IMEI, you can emulate fake calls or SMS in some situation. It helps you to track various locations within required time. Further, you can make testing your website via several web browsers with the help of the Genymotion app. It offers benefits of open GL compatible that make your device to perform faster while playing high graphics games. On paid version more features are available.

Official Link : Click here

  1. Droid4X

Droid4X is most existing emulates application that runs similar to Andyroid app. It offers balanced features and exists in Google play store. Now, the application comes with pre-installed in computers. Mainly, it is created to offer good productivity for games. It is a most interesting app that offers user-friendly to access. It allows you view anything in your PC fast and configure your keyboard for emulator. The app makes you perform lag free by using an android tab. You can operate the app in your convenient way and also access more features than others app. It is good app for people you like to use android emulator on their PC.

  1. WindRoy

In the window app, you can find various options that are available in listed format. The app works as best when compared to older version. It is processing on window kernel and does not use any additional virtual box to download the app. With the app, you can runs other android application in your computer smoothly without getting any risks. Moreover, you can get the best support for playing game and emulator reliable less in the app. If you need to know more information about the app then, visit some website that helps you to choose best emulator app.

If you are finding Best Android Emulators for Windows 10, 8, 8.1 then install any one app from above mentioned. It helps you to avoid downloading virtual box for downloading android app on your PC or laptop.

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